Suspicious text message leads to fake site

I received this text message about being a new Chase user and to update my details.  This text has a web link that has a shorten link that does not describe where it is going to.  I do bank with Chase but did not recently sign up or change any details.  

The text message looks very strange.  Some might not even pay that close attention and click the link.  This might look legit to some people but it caught my eye.  I did go to the web address on a Chromebook so I would not download any viruses, spyware or malware.

scam text message

First off, the phone number it is coming from is very strange.  The web address is a shortened link that uses and only in tweets or direct messages.  Why would it be used in SMS / text message?  It should not be used.

When I clicked on the link, it sent me to the webpage below.  It looks like it could be the official but it is not.  They took pictures, words and labels off the official website and then made this up to look like it.  If you look at the website address in the browser bar you see   Always look to see what follows the .com and in this it keeps going in the web address instead of after a slash "/".  It should be something like  The main top level domain ends in .com and then after the / is the different pages of the site.  

On this webpage, I clicked on the links for, Privacy Notice, Security, Terms of Use, Forgot your User ID and Password and they all took me back to this page.   That should not have happened if it was a legit site.  This fake site was created to collect your User ID and password.  

scam fake website

If something like this happens to you, you should use a web browser like Chrome and type in the website address you are looking to go to.  Do not click a link and let it take you there.  You should not click a link in emails or text messages because they could be spam or a phishing attack.  

Have you ever had this situation happen to you before?  
Contact me if you have questions about this or anything else tech related.

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