Tech and Computer Support here!

Need a tech advisor? Need a small business website designed? Computer support, questions or need to know what to buy? Have questions about your mobile smart phone? Email support, and anything else tech related.  Mobile Tech Support is in Ventura County and can help you out.  

Mobile means that I do not have a single location but I can cover the whole Ventura county area plus online tech support too.  We can meet at your business, coffee shop, house, apartment, public location and more.  I do not want you to unplug everything and disassemble.  I can come to you to check out your set up and diagnose it on your site.

Support is to help and fix your issues that you have with your computer, mobile device, cell phone, smart phone, laptop, and many other devices.  I can do training with you and your business to better streamline your process, make you more efficient, and to cut down on costs!

 Tech is anything with a chip in it.  Smart phone, computer, laptop, printers, networking, and much more.  

Please visit and contact me at so I can help you or your small business!

Do you have tech questions?  If so then message me below.